Outer Spaces is the name of the electric guitar-based indie singer/songwriter project of Cara Beth Satalino. The musician self-released an EP under her own name in 2008 titled The Good Ones, which saw a vinyl release three years later by Bakery Outlet and Salinas Records. Meanwhile, her short-lived band Witches put out the album Forever in 2011, also with Bakery Outlet.

The first Outer Spaces release, the six-track Creature of Nature EP, was recorded in the songwriter's then base of Athens, Georgia and released in early 2013. Later that year, Matador Records included the band in its Singles Going Home "single-of-the-month" series, issuing "I Was Divided/Eternally Fifteen" on 7" vinyl. With engineer/producer Chester Gwazda (Dan Deacon) on bass and keys, and Ben Salie (Arbor Labor Union) on drums, the Garbage Beach EP followed in 2014 via Salinas and Stupid Bag Records.

Reminiscent of confessional guitar acts like Waxahatchee and Cat Power, the album was recorded in Athens and Satalino's newly adopted Baltimore, Maryland, as well as in Pennington, New Jersey. Citing Murmur-era R.E.M. as an influence, Outer Spaces' full-length debut, A Shedding Snake, arrived via Don Giovanni Records in 2016, with Gwazda in the producer's chair.